Change ), Review: Bethpage State Park Golf Course – Blue Course, Review: Wanumetonomy Golf and Country Club, Review: Rock Spring Golf Club at West Orange, Review: Bethpage State Park Golf Course – Black Course – Worldgolfer's Golf Course Reviews, Review: Bethpage State Park Golf Course – Red Course – Worldgolfer's Golf Course Reviews, Follow Worldgolfer's Golf Course Reviews on The course was modified by A.W. I actually like this starter. In 1958, Alfred Tull was hired to build a Yellow Course and in the process had to take some land from the Blue Course. This is the place for you. Everyone told me that all of the Bethpage courses were very nice, but I will have to respectfully disagree. The 10th hole runs parallel to the 1st and is almost a carbon copy as a straightaway 381 yard par 4. 18 Holes: $38. A view from Bethpage State Park Golf Course. The food at the restaurant is great too. The lush green courses, bountiful trees, and weather conditions were great to see and offered new challenges to an already challenging game. Don't know how many square miles it is , but it's huge ! Weekends. It was not nearly as beautiful as I had been told. However, there is certainly something to be said for the wow factor of the clubhouse and walking over to the Black Course and looking down 1 fairway and 18 green. Tillinghast course to open at Bethpage State Park, predating the Red Course by several months and the fearsome Black Course by a year. The course is very long. Other golf courses at this facility... Black Golf Course Blue … Playing the course for the first time might surprise mid to high handicappers how tough this track could really play. This long, skinny hole features plenty of danger on both sides the entire way with bunkers at 200 yards on the left and bunkers at 270 yards on both sides. Tillinghast, the Green golf course opened in 1923. The final par 5 at Bethpage Blue is another Tillinghast original in the 501 yard 16th. Bethpage State Park has something for everyone except a pool ! At 200 yards, the 11th hole is the longest par 3 at Bethpage Blue and another strong hole. Copyright 2020 Golf Advisor. Tillinghast to allow for the creation of the Black, Red, and Blue, and to bring the finish of the 18th hole closer to the clubhouse. In order to hit driver and reach the green in two, longer hitters will need to cut the corner over the right trees here, as OB lines left the entire way and straight shots can be punished. The front is very difficult - almost equal to The Black in terms of its challenges. If you like to have 3 groups on every par 3 on a tough front 9. It’s very rare you get less than a 5.5 hour round out there. The organization & event were 5-Star and the Blue course was in amazing condition. Panelist 1: Less difficult, much so, because its putting surfaces are flattish and not nearly as treacherous as courses like Winged Foot, Merion, Oakland Hills et al. Tillinghast, and is … At just 493 yards, the downhill par 5 4th hole offers an excellent scoring opportunity for the first time at Bethpage Blue. As I said above they had to re-route and redesign blue. Google Earth Fly-Over of Bethpage Red Course Detailed Maps and Yardage Charts: This is a very good muni course that would probably get more attention if not overshadowed by the Black and Red courses. 9 Holes and Twilight: $23. While the championship Black is clearly the best and the one to play as a tourist, all five courses were touched by famed architect A.W. Discover Red Course at Bethpage State Park Golf in Farmingdale, United States. While certainly reachable, this hole features a somewhat awkward semi-blind teeshot to a fairway turning left at 220 yards. Then you are allowed to proceed to get your gold cart (if you choose to ride) and see the court jesters to grant you permission to obtain on of them as well. The greens roll true and the bunkers, fairways, … At 432 yards, this long, straightaway par 4 plays level with trees lining both sides. 100 YEARS OF TRADITION. Anything worse than par here will be very detrimental. I loved the Red Course a few summers ago and wanted to try the Blue Course next, as I’d heard it’s the third best of the group. The challenge, conditioning, and tremendous value make it a strong choice for those of all golfing abilities to enjoy on a regular basis. ( Log Out /  Bethpage Red Golf Course Summary: The red course is widely considered the second best of the five courses making up the Bethpage experience, falling only behind the clear-cut winner, the Black Course.This track has plenty of teeth even though there is no water (I've included the white tee distances above as, frankly, very few golfers should ever attempt the back tees (I know I won't). While the 4th and 5th provide good scoring opportunities, the excellent 6th hole is a deserving number 1 handicap as a 462 yard par 4! The starter and cart guys were incredibly rude, to the point where I was called stupid for trying to carry my clubs over to my cart instead of getting the cart and driving back to my clubs. Final Rating: 4.7/5 Bethpage Blue was a great course to be introduced to golf on the east coast. Course Name: Bethpage State Park Golf Course – Blue Course Designer: A.W. This fairway progressively narrows with trees down the left until you reach a large, relatively flat green guarded by a bunker right. Read verified reviews from golfers at Bethpage State Park Golf Course - Green Course today! History: Bethpage Blue was the first A.W. Bethpage Red’s par 4’s varies from fair to notoriously long, the Red is in my opinion the most playable course … All rights reserved. Despite this, it’s hard to find a better $38 course in America and I can’t wait to complete the Bethpage experience with the Yellow and Green soon! Upon arriving, I discovered the Black Course was closed for the day. Tillinghast (1935), Alfred Tull (1958, Redesign) Location: Farmingdale, New York History: Bethpage Blue was the first A.W. With a challenging array of par 3’s, 4’s and 5’s it is the most challenging course besides the Black. ( Log Out /  BY USING THE SITE, YOU CONSENT TO THESE COOKIES. Whereas Tull seamlessly edited the 17th to make it so that the casual observer wouldn’t notice the changes, the closing hole is quite awkward like the 9th (although not quite such an abomination). This lengthy hole plays as a tree-lined dogleg right with the dogleg occurring at only about 175 yards. Just makes for a really frustrating day, If people running this facility continue to allow gambling passing off money into each others hands on these courses slowing up the entire course I'm gonna start knocking people out. B ethpage Golf Course is one of the most popular and cherished golf courses in the nation. A very memorable experience with a trophy as a reminder. The back is quite easy - not that I am inclined to shoot a 36 on the back mind you. Opens and the 2019 PGA Championship and future site of the 2025 Ryder Cup; the Robert Trent Jones-designed Green Lakes, James Baird and Montauk Downs courses; the championship course at Saratoga Spa and … Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. This circular green runs slightly back-to-front and is lined by cavernous bunkers on either side. While Bethpage Black is one of my favorite courses, this was probably for the better because the fearsome Black Course is not simply somewhere you play on a whim. Then, on the Black course, the 4th hole is world class, and could be better, but 7 … However, a bunch of its holes were borrowed for a newer yellow course which then forced some new blue holes to be squeezed in. He threw his first in the first tee box right in front of the starter which said nothing. This hole is horrific tee-to-green, but the elevated, back-to-front sloped green salvages the hole slightly and is the original 18th green on Tillinghast’s old Blue Course. You pay in the clubhouse and be sure to bow down to the queens of payment. Picnic areas , play grounds , indoor tennis courts ,miles of wooded bike paths that you can actually take to the ocean , a polo field , how many parks can say that , and the famous US Open Black Golf Course , along with the red , blue, green and yellow courses to play … Maybe I had my hopes too high, but I was disappointed. I would certainly recommend going to Bethpage, but I would pony up for the Red and/or Black Courses instead. My issue for blue stems more on the architecture side and the people who play it. Bethpage Black inspires muni golf in America, PGA Tee to Green: Difficult 15th hole of Bethpage Black, Municipal Madness: Renovations pay off for these American munis. ( Log Out /  After playing the Blue Course, my impression was a positive one. I have no idea what the ideal line is here, but I’d love to personally take a chainsaw to this tree. From the fairway, this approach plays at least one club extra to an elevated green guarded by a false front and bunkers on either side. 18 Holes: $43. Almost 100% recovered from green aeration. The architecture is very similar to Red so if you're hoping to progress towards that, Blue will help you get there. This is a pretty hole with two deep but contrasting bunkers short and right of a back-to-front sloped green. Verdict: Although not nearly as dramatic or architecturally pure as Bethpage Black or Red, the Blue Course is another solid public offering at the legendary Bethpage State Park. Description: The Blue is a course that rarely lets up. Tee boxes are definitely not female friendly on most holes. The course has some cool holes like the short par 5 #4 which asks you to go over the trees. 48 reviews of Bethpage Black Course "Located about 30 miles from Manhattan is Bethpage State Park and its 5 18-hole golf courses, all of which are public (the Black, Green, Red, Yellow, and Blue). these guys have maybe swung clubs 2-3 times in their life. Tillinghast designed and oversaw construction of the Black, Red and Blue courses, and modified the Lenox Hills Course (Green) course. The course is for walkers only and its slope rating is one of the highest in the northeast. Green Fees. This is by far the worst design on the course and quite frankly one of the worst holes I’ve ever played. Pace of the round was just under 6 hours which made a beautiful day of golf much less enjoyable. I really love his style and can’t get enough of the red and black course. The course is walkable although there are some steep elevations and valleys. 175 yard shot with a carry over a gully and two protective bunkers. For some reason, I have never really been impressed by Blue. So if you don’t know, blue is an original Tillinghast course. This large, relatively flat green is well-protected with fescue-draped bunkers short and on either side. Tillinghast course to open at Bethpage State Park, predating the Red Course by several months and the fearsome Black Course by a year. At 400 yards, the 14th hole is the longest par 4 on the back 9 and another nice dogleg left. Tee                           Par         Yardage         Rating          Slope, Back                        72           6693              72.3               130, Middle                     72           6426              71.1               127, Forward                   72          5782              74.3               126. Don't know how many square miles it is , but it's huge ! Course Name: Bethpage State Park Golf Course – Blue Course, Designer: A.W. You play through and over valleys and undulating fairways. Eisenhower Blue Course The Blue Course, one of three 18-hole golf courses at Eisenhower Park, was designed in 1951 by Robert Trent Jones, a major 20th-century architect of American courses. Not real fast but also not slow…really kind of just right. An original Tillinghast, the 387 yard 15th hole is a strong par 4 with a tight fairway lined by a crossbunker down the right at 230 yards. The greens roll true and the bunkers, fairways, and teeboxes are usually well-maintained. In order to reach the green in regulation, you need to cut the corner somewhat, but those who fall short will lose their ball in the trees. It offers a challenges to both better golfers and intermediate ones with the elevation changes and doglegs. The fairway to the left of the tree is basically non-existent and there’s an awkward patch of dirt to the right of the tree that allows you to cut the corner. Bethpage State Park has something for everyone except a pool ! While treelined on the teeshot, this hole opens up nicely after the dogleg with a slightly uphill approach to a large green guarded by bunkers on either side. The 7th hole is another strong one as an 186 yard par 3 over a valley. 9-hole, twilight, senior, and junior discounts are available as well, and make this one of the best values around! Bethpage Black Course. 360+ par 4 dogleg right that goes down into a gully. The fairways are fairly wide but present better spots to set up your second shots. Shame because the rangers don't care. We were not aware that the shortest length was over 6000 and having women in the group made it a very rough day to the length. FOR MORE INFORMATION ON COOKIES INCLUDING HOW TO MANAGE YOUR CONSENT VISIT OUR. The tee boxes were not in great shape, and the cart paths were a joke. This is an absolutely brutal hole from start to finish beginning with a tough teeshot to a fairway that slides hard left at about 240 yards. If you're a serious golfer and can get out there, you should make every effort possible to try and play the Black Course. Seller of Travel Ref. This one-shotter also plays over a giant valley to a large, elevated green defended by a bunker short left. Tillinghast’s original 17th featured the current-day green but used the 11th green as a teebox, resulting in a more diagonal, longer par 3. Bethpage Red is a strong course in its own right, holding up as a player’s course. I recently played the tips with two friends who are both solid single digit handicaps and I never really felt disadvantaged by the course set up. For $43 (walking), you get a course that's better than most munis and daily fee courses in the country, has history, plenty of challenge and is in one of the best golf settings in the country. I understand this is a muni but you can’t be giving first timers lessons like that unless it’s twilight. At a lengthy 451 yards, the 2nd hole is a beast but isn’t even the longest par 4 on the front! Did golf fans cross the line at Bethpage Black? View key info about Course Database including Course description, Tee yardages, par and handicaps, scorecard, contact info, Course Tours, directions and more. Unlike the Red and Black Courses, the 10th hole is directly next to the clubhouse, making the Blue Course a better candidate for 9-hole rounds. The view from the teebox is not clear at all on this downhill dogleg right with a tall tree on the right side of the fairway at 200 yards. Read verified reviews from golfers at Bethpage State Park Golf Course - Blue Course today! While the greens are tame like the other courses at Bethpage, I can count at least nine elevated greens with a whopping seven of these requiring a carry over a valley. 3 out of 4 par 3s are exactly the same. Playing the course for the first time might surprise mid to high handicappers how tough this track could really play. Bethpage State Park - Blue Bethpage State Park-Blue No. This approach once again plays over a valley to a perched back-to-front sloped green. Personally from a golf perspective the Blue was a great course with very challenging distances to conquer.The starter was genuinely a very nice gentleman. The other courses, however, are courses I could rotate through every day. Designed by Devereaux Emmet/A.W. This is a truly excellent hole with an intimidating teeshot to an elevated fairway that slides right. Bethpage State Park Golf Course Book A Tee Time NYS Resident Pricing Out of state pricing. When I was working in New York for a month, I had a random afternoon off and decided to trek out to Bethpage to see what tee-time I could get last minute. Conditions: 7/10, Like the Red Course, the Blue is a little rough around the edges but in overall good shape. I don’t think it’s at all a stretch to say the 4-4-3 opening stretch at the Blue Course is more challenging than that on the Black! Today I saw a guy giving two people swing lessons on the first tee. Many tee shots require force carries and over saddles and gullies. Also, I was disappointed in the optics of the course. A number of holes, especially on the front nine, are angled and set up in ways to make you choose different shot types. On the Blue you had better bring your big gun game or take dead aim on the greens and make the most of one putt greens. We found one reason maybe they discourage women playing is the lack or on course restrooms…the Blue has none other than the turn. I had the honour of participating in the 15th Annual Harlem YMCA Charity Golf Classic on Monday, 29 September, and it was truly a great event. A tiny green guarded by a massive bunker left is all there is to this otherwise uneventful hole. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Played on 9/9/17. Another issue is the people that play blue. The third of three Tillinghast-designed tracks at Bethpage is the Blue Course. If I lived in Long Island, I would play it at most once a month. The course rating is 69.8 and it has a slope rating of 121 on Rye grass. The 18-hole "Blue" course at the Bethpage State Park Golf Course facility in Farmingdale, New York features 6,684 yards of golf from the longest tees for a par of 72. ( Log Out /  The blue course which people consider Bethpage's 3'rd most challenging course. With a challenging front 9, and more relaxed back 9, it is a fantastic intermediate level course for those not looking for the punishment a course like the Black or Red can provide. The Blue Course is another A.W. For the fist sized boulders in the bunker on the right of 6. The course rating is 72.2 and it has a slope rating of 126 on Rye grass. General Comments: The Bethpage complex is huge, but the clubhouse and practice facilities are fairly average with a short, matted driving range and two small putting greens. All members of your playing group have to be there when you pay even if one person is paying for all (someone thinks that makes sense). Tillinghast creation, redesigned in 1960 by Alfred Tull to allow room for the Yellow Course. Greens were so true and consistent, which made getting to them very motivating with our best ball foursome who came in at 9-under, no bogey golf and captured 2nd place. At a lengthy 565 yards, the par 5 8th hole is by far the longest on the course. Today one guy threw no less than 18 butts on the tee box, fairway and green. I wouldn't make a trip to play the Blue like I would for the Black or the Red, but I found the course enjoyable to play. Its the kind of course I usually score well on but never enjoy it. The 6th hole is a piece of garbage and the 7th tee box should require safety helmets for all who play. No Reviews or Ratings have been found for this course. Welcome! Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. The 13th through 16th holes have a decidedly different feel from the rest of the course on flatter, less dramatic land and I was surprised to discover that the 15th and 16th are Tillinghast originals. Tillinghast (1935), Alfred Tull (1958, Redesign). If you can't get a tee time on Black or Red, Blue is your next best choice. Fla. Strategic ball placement and accuracy off the tee are vital to score well at the Red. 99 Quaker Meeting House Rd, Farmingdale, New York 11735, Nassau County, WE AND OUR PARTNERS USE COOKIES ON THIS SITE TO IMPROVE OUR SERVICE, PERFORM ANALYTICS, PERSONALIZE ADVERTISING, MEASURE ADVERTISING PERFORMANCE, AND REMEMBER WEBSITE PREFERENCES.